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Material Disclosures


17.09.2019 Shares Transaction Notification ANACM 17.09.2019 Shares Transaction Notification SODA 17.09.2019 Shares Transaction Notification TRKCM 23.07.2019 Disposal Of Financial Asset 23.07.2019 Disposal Of Financial Asset 18.07.2019 Credit Rating Note 20.06.2019 Credit Rating Note 01.04.2019 Article Of Association 29.03.2019 Cash Tender Offer Announcement 29.03.2019 Recent Developments On The Issuance Of Debt Securities Abroad - Closing 29.03.2019 Group Collective Bargaining Agreement 21.03.2019 Tenor Issue Document 20.03.2019 Bond Issuance -Pricing 15.03.2019 Cash Tender Announcement 15.03.2019 Recent Developments On The Issuance Of Debt Securities Abroad - Closing 08.03.2019 Role Distribution Of Board Members 08.03.2019 Cash Tender Offer Announcement 08.03.2019 Notification Regarding Issue Limit 07.03.2019 Cash Tender Announcement 04.03.2019 Credit Rating 01.03.2019 Cash Tender Announcement 01.03.2019 Notification Regarding Issue Limit 06.02.2019 Conclusion Section Of 2019 Common And Continuous Related Party Transactions Report 02.01.2019 The Resignation Of The Corporate Govarnance Committee 14.12.2018 Corporate Governance Compliance Rating 16.11.2018 Regarding The Signing Of The Rating Of Compliance With Corporate Governance Principles Agreement 03.09.2018 About The Termination Of Furnace Operations Of Cam Elyaf Sanayii A S 29.08.2018 Credit Rating Note 27.08.2018 About The Credit Rating Agency 14.08.2018 Material Disclosure About Unusual Price And Volume Movements 20.07.2018 Credit Rating Note 19.06.2018 Credit Rating Note 07.06.2018 Credit Rating Note Confirmation 03.05.2018 Bond Issuance Form Aprroved By CMB 11.04.2018 Announcement Regarding Capital Markets Board Application For Debt Instrument Issuance 21.03.2018 2017 Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report 21.03.2018 Dividend Distribution Schedule Of 2017 12.03.2018 Credit Rating Note Confirmation 19.02.2018 Submission Of Financial Statements To Any Authorities 29.01.2018 Conclusion Section Of 2018 Common And Continuous Related Party Transactions Report 29.12.2017 Reassignment In Top Management 15.12.2017 Corporate Governance Compliance Rating (Revised) 15.12.2017 Corporate Governance Compliance Rating 27.10.2017 Non Current Financial Asset Sale. 27.10.2017 Non Current Financial Asset Sale 03.10.2017 Purchase Of Fixed Assets 15.09.2017 Credit Rating 24.08.2017 Liquidity Provider's Agreement Service 17.08.2017 Execution Of The Share Purchase Right Within The Scope Of Liquidity Provision 16.08.2017 Amendment Of The Articles Of Association 14.08.2017 Financial Statement Submitting To Any Authority 09.08.2017 Termination Of Operations Of D Furnace Of Paşabahçe Cam San.Ve Tic. A.Ş.'S Kırklareli Plant 07.08.2017 About News And Articles Related To Çayırova's Real Estate Registered In Çayırova Cam Sanayii A.Ş. 25.07.2017 Capital And Shareholder Struture 24.07.2017 Information About Shares Representing The Capital 21.07.2017 Issuance Certificate Related To Capital Increase 21.07.2017 Notification Regarding Capital Increase-Capital Increase Of Share Distribution Date 20.07.2017 Credit Amendment Agreement 14.07.2017 Declaration On Active Acquisitions 10.07.2017 Notification Regarding Capital Increase 08.06.2017 Şişecam Otomotiv A.Ş. 08.06.2017 Group Collective Bargaining Agreement 29.05.2017 Notification Regarding Capital Increase 26.05.2017 Notification Regarding Capital Increase 22.05.2017 Notice Regarding Postponement Of Strike 10.05.2017 Decision To Strike 09.05.2017 Declaration On Active Acquisitions 08.05.2017 Execution Of The Share Purchase Right Within The Scope Of Liquidity Provision 04.05.2017 Liquidity Provider Agreement 07.04.2017 Appointment Of The Chairman Of The Board Of Directors 07.04.2016 Ordinary General Meeting Registration 05.04.2016 Chairman Resignation 31.03.2017 Duty Distrubution Of The Board Of Directors 31.03.2017 Election Of The Board Of Directors Committee 30.09.2017 Sale Of Financial Fixed Asset Of Anadolu Cam Eskişehir San. 30.09.2017 Sale Of Financial Fixed Asset Of Anadolu Cam Yenişehir San. A.Ş. 30.03.2017 Notification Regarding Authorized Capital 30.03.2017 Notification Regarding Dividend Payment 30.03.2017 Notification Regarding General Assembly 30.03.2017 Appointment Of Independent Auditing Institution 23.03.2017 Credit Rating Note Confirmation 07.03.2017 Information Document Of The Ordinary General Assembly For The Year 2016 06.03.2017 Executive Appointment 03.03.2017 Notification Regarding Authorized Capital 01.03.2017 Sale Of Financial Fixed Asset 24.02.2017 Notification Regarding Authorized Capital 14.02.2017 Detailed Income Statement 2016 14.02.2017 Provisional Tax 10.02.2017 Credit Rating 31.01.2017 Conclusion Section Of 2017 Common And Continuous Related Party Transactions Report (Disclosure) 31.01.2017 Conclusion Section Of 2017 Common And Continuous Related Party Transactions Report 18.01.2017 Regarding Glass Fiber Investment 09.01.2017 CPO - Chief Procurement Officer Appointment 30.12.2016 Execution Of The Share Purchase Right Within The Scope Of Liquidity Provision 28.12.2016 Liquidity Provider Agreement 22.12.2016 Change Of The Member Of The Board Of Directors 16.12.2016 Corporate Governance Rating Report 08.12.2016 Credit Rating 17.11.2016 Corporate Governance Compliance Rating 27.10.2016 Appointment Of Independent Audit Firm 14.10.2016 In Relation To The Termination Of The Operations Of Mersin Plant Of Paşabahçe Cam San.Ve Tic.A.Ş. 28.09.2016 Credit Rating 22.09.2016 Shares Transaction Notification 22.09.2016 Shares Transaction Notification 20.09.2016 Liquidity Provider's Agreement Service 20.09.2016 Liquidity Provider's Agreement Service 09.09.2016 Announcement Regarding The Newsflow On Media 01.09.2016 Share Purchase Agreement 24.08.2016 Change In Head Office Adress 2016.07.27 Disclosure Regarding Credit Rating 2016.07.21 Disclosure Regarding Credit Rating 2016.06.30 Disclosure Regarding Capital Increase/Decrease 2016.06.29 Disclosure Regarding Newsflow And Rumors 2016.06.28 Signing Of Loan And Share Transfer Agreements With EBRD 2016.06.27 Disclosure Regarding The Capital Increase 2016.05.31 Application To CMB For Capital Increase 2016.05.30 Bod Decision Regarding The Capital Increase 2016.05.26 Newsflow On National Media 2016.05.06 Newsflow On National Media 2016.03.25 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting Results 2016.03.25 Election Of The Chairman And Vice Chairman To The Board Of Directors 2016.03.25 Election Of Board Of Directors Committees 2016.03.08 Authorization Of General Directorate To Consider A New Investment 2016.03.03 Bod Resolution On Dividend Distribution 2016.02.02 Conclusion Section Of Related Party Transactions Report 13.01.2015 Manager Appointment 02.02.2015 Common And Continous Related Party Transactions In 2015 24.02.2015 Appointment Of An Independent Auditing Firm 03.03.2015 Dividend Distribution Decision For The Year 2014 12.03.2015 Loan Guarantorship 25.03.2015 Board Of Directors’ Roles Distribution 25.03.2015 Election Of The Board Committee Members 30.03.2015 Liquidity Provider’S Agreement Service 21.04.2015 Liquidity Provider’S Agreement Service 22.04.2015 Regarding The Start Of Avea Shares Sale Process 29.04.2015 Sale Of Financial Asset 11.05.2015 Credit Rating Grade 14.05.2015 Board Of Directors’ Resolution Concerning Capital Increase 27.05.2015 Regarding The Fire At Pasabahce Cam’S Eskisehir Plant 29.06.2015 Credit Rating Grade 30.06.2015 Sale Of Financial Asset 02.07.2015 Loan Guarantorship 30.07.2015 Sale Of Financial Asset 04.08.2015 Sale Of Financial Asset 11.08.2015 Share Sale Of Denizli Cam 10.09.2015 Liquidity Provider’S Agreemen Service 11.09.2015 Call Option Exercising In The Scope Of Liquidity Service Providing 18.09.2015 Liquidity Provider’S Agreement Service TRKCM 14.10.2015 Liquidity Provider’S Agreement Service SODA 30.10.2015 Restructuring Of The Subsidiary 24.11.2015 Announcement Regarding Newspaper Report 04.12.2015 Proposal For Subsidiary 17.01.2014 Loan Guarantees 31.01.2014 Loan Guarantorship 19.02.2014 The Tender For The Beykoz Land 26.02.2014 2014 Report On The Associated Party Transactions That Are Continuous And Common 03.03.2014 Decease Of Financial Operations Group President 06.03.2014 Board Of Directors' Resolution On Dividend Distribution 06.03.2014 Donation Policy 06.03.2014 Shareholder Briefing Document 06.03.2014 Summons For Ordinary General Assembly Meeting 20.03.2014 Initiation Of Negotiations 08.04.2014 Resignation Of A Director 14.04.2014 Election Of The Members Of The Board Of Directors 28.04.2014 Loan Guarantorship 06.05.2014 Credit Rating Grade 09.05.2014 Assignment Of Executive 12.05.2014 Material Disclosure Selling Process Of The Landed Property Beykoz 15.05.2014 Resolution Concerning The Capita Increase 20.05.2014 Application To The Capital Markets Board For Capital Increase 26.05.2014 Sp Loan Rating Grade 02.06.2014 Initiation O The Pre Negotiations 19.06.2014 Ceo Comment Regarding Strike 19.06.2014 Implementation Of The Resolution On The Strike 23.06.2014 CMB Approval For Capital Increase 24.06.2014 Loan Guarantorship 27.06.2014 Postponement Of Trike By The Decree Of The Council Of Ministers 30.06.2014 Contact Information-Regarding Investor Relations 30.06.2014 Dates Of Exercising The Capital Increase Rights 30.06.2014 Update On Strike 15.07.2014 Sales Of Financial Fixed Assets 29.08.2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement 29.08.2014 Signing Of Collective Bargaining Agreement 02.09.2014 Finalization Of The Negotiations With ARC International Company 23.10.2014 Signing Of Share Sales Agreement 24.10.2014 Signing Of Share Sales Agreement Update 30.10.2014 Manager Appointment Update 07.11.2014 Manager Appointment 18.11.2014 Signing Of The Share Sales Agreement 18.11.2014 Signing Of The Agreement Regarding Rating Of Compliance With Corporate Governance Principles 04.12.2014 Regarding Temporary Discontinuation Of The Production Of Merefa Glass Company 09.12.2014 Regarding The Sales Of Shares 24.12.2014 Utilization Of Preemption By The Affiliate Company 29.12.2014 Rating For Compliance With The Corporate Management Principles 23.01.2013 Abroad Bond Issuance 23.01.2013 Subsidiary Public Offering 19.02.2013 Desistance Of The Application 27.02.2013 Profit Distribution Policy 28.02.2013 Independent Auditing Firm 07.03.2013 Profit Distribution Proposal 15.03.2013 Works On Evaluating Beykoz Topkapi Kancotepe Real Estate Properties 21.03.2013 Bank Authorization Fo Bond Issuance In Foreign Currency To Abroad 27.03.2013 Application To The CMB For Debt Instrument 28.03.2013 Purchase Of Shares From Pasabahce 19.04.2013 Change Of The Member Of The Board Of Directors 22.04.2013 Change Of Members In Early Risk Determination Committee 24.04.2013 Credit Rating Score 24.04.2013 Developments About The Debt Instrument Issue For Sale To The People Reside Abroad 30.04.2013 Change Of Executive 01.05.2013 Developments Regarding The Issuance Of The Borrowing Instrument To Be Sold To People Residing Abroad 02.05.2013 Debt Instrument Issue Developments 06.05.2013 Issuance Certificate Regarding The Borrowing Instrument 09.05.2013 Completion Of Debt Instrument Sales In Overseas 16.05.2013 Administrative Board Decision Regarding Addition Of Profit Share Of 2012 20.05.2013 CMB Application Regarding Capital Increase 27.05.2013 Share Sales By An Affiliate 25.06.2013 CMB Approval For Export Document 03.07.2013 Capital Increase Registration And Profit Distribution 09.10.2013 Sale Of Topkapi Real Estate 25.10.2013 The Usage Of Subsidiary Company Priority 13.11.2013 Change In Managerial Staff 25.11.2013 Loan Guarantees 29.11.2013 Sale Of Topkapi Real Estate Update 30.12.2013 Regarding Topkapi Real Estate 24.01.2012 Credit Guarantee 27.01.2012 Extraordinary General Meeting Announcement 28.02.2012 Avea Iletisim Hizmetleri AS Non Claim Of Preferential Rights In Capital Increase 01.03.2012 Capital Increase 15.03.2012 Amendment Of The Articles Of Incorporation 23.03.2012 Capital Increase Registration Process 26.03.2012 Share Distribution Within The Scope Of The Partial Division 11.04.2012 Reuters News Agency Interview 19.04.2012 Ordinary General Meeting Announcement 30.04.2012 Commencement Of Collective Labour Agreement Negotiations 09.05.2012 Loan Guarantors 25.05.2012 Board Of Directors Committees 25.05.2012 Dividend Distribution Date 11.06.2012 Bonus Share Distribution 11.06.2012 Resolution On Capital Increase 17.08.2012 Takeover Through Merger 29.08.2012 Subsidiary Merger 11.09.2012 Administrative Board Member Change 12.11.2012 Business Combination Through Take Over By Affiliation 13.11.2012 Corporate Representative Appeal 26.11.2012 Registered Capital Ceiling Increase And Amendment Of The Articles Of Association 04.01.2011 Executive Change 31.01.2011 Executive Appointment 25.03.2011 Profit Distribution Proposal 15.04.2011 Distribution Of Tasks For The Board Of Directors 26.05.2011 Decision Of Capital 30.06.2011 Change Of Audit Committee 14.07.2011 Takeover Due To Partial Division Update 26.09.2011 Acquisition Due To Partial Division Update 27.10.2011 About Cancellation Of Registered Capital Limit Renewal 18.11.2011 Participation In The Newly Established Company 06.11.2011 Credit Guarantee 27.12.2011 Director Change 27.12.2011 Investment Decision 29.12.2011 Director Appointment