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Energy Management

​Şişecam focuses on energy efficiency in all its activities from supplying to production and from distribution to sales, prioritizing its strategies in energy management and climate change. Şişecam implements systematic measures to decrease energy consumption and thereby greenhouse gas emissions while also increasing productivity and product quality.

Besides projects aiming to decrease the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission of plants, Şişecam also prioritizes projects that support good practices emerging from the combination of field applications with waste heat reclamation, new glass furnace designs, and modeling.

Besides efficiency studies carried out centrally in order to improve energy performance by determining, prioritizing, and recording improvement opportunities, Şişecam continues a wide array of efforts at its plants on the basis of the energy management standard (ISO 500001). A significant number of these plants have the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate.

Published annually, the Sustainability Reports offer examples of work carried out for energy efficiency and the details of the savings accrued.

Sustainability Reports