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Environmental Management

​Şişecam believes that all issues regarding business management must be informed by environmental considerations. Central management units have therefore been created to coordinate the work for developing the principles that will guide the monitoring, reporting, and continual improvement of the environmental performance of the Group. Each plant has an Environmental Officer or an Environmental Management Unit reporting to the Plant Manager and working with Environmental Committees formed by relevant personnel.

In order to minimize the environmental impact of production processes and to manage these systematically, all plants of the Group comply with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards, and a significant number of them have ISO 50001 Energy Management System certificates.

Important environmental issues such as emissions, waste water, solid wastes, energy efficiency, reuse, and effective use of resources are defined at each Şişecam plant and the results of performance measurements are evaluated to determine the potential for improvement; targets are set for improvements deemed necessary, which are then followed up with action plans. Each plant implements its own procedure that complies with the Environmental Management system; periodic internal as well as sub-contractor audits form the basis for improvement and prevention work regarding problematic areas. A progress report is presented to senior management at the end of each year and improvement opportunities are evaluated. All issues that constitute fundamental aspects of the Environmental Management System are addressed by relevant procedures and directives.

Details pertaining to the work and progress on environmental issues are presented in the annual sustainability reports.

Sustainability Reports