Çerez Politikası

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​​​​​​Sustainable Committee, established in 2014, has the overall responsibility for establishing systems to mainstream sustainable principles in overall operations, identify and control risk that my jeopardize Group’s ability to sustain its operations and for reviewing and measuring their effectiveness. The committee meets quarterly to oversee the implementation of our strategy and to hold our Corporate Sustainability team accountable in terms of the progress we are making. Senior management has the day-to-day responsibility for implementing the systems and for monitoring their impacts.


The Sustainability Committee reports directly to General Manager. The Members of the committee composes of: Group Vice Presidents (Flat Glass, Glass Ware, Chemicals, Glass Packaging), HR & Corporate Communications President​, Risk Management President, Procurement Coordinator, Sustainability Director, Industrial Relations Director, Corporate Communication Director, Investor Relations Director, Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management Director, Innovation and Quality Manager, IT Strategy & Planning Manager, Environmental Manager, Energy Efficiency Manager and Organizational Development Manager. For direct implementation of the sustainability strategy and action plan, the specific Working Groups (Environment, Energy & Water, Occupational Health and Safety, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusiveness, and Corporate Social Responsibility) are established and managed with their annual work program.