Çerez Politikası

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​​​​​​​​​Empowers our employees, local communities, vulnerable groups and supply chain to become a circular citizen and international enabler while respecting diversity, ensure inclusiveness and fostering digital intelligence.

​​​Diversity & Inclusiveness in corporate practices

How we will do it

  • Diversity and Inclusion Principles established.
  • Inclusive culture integrated in our operations and engagements.
  • Diversity and Inclusion KPIs identified and in practice.
  • National and international policy on equal opportunities advocated.​
​​​Become an International Enabler to foster sustainability

How we will do it

  • Least Developed Countries Engagement Program for Industrialization – special focus on glass production developed
  • UN Global Compact ratified
  • People and Planet Centered International Inclusive Partnership Program (PPCIIPP) developed with special focus on sustainable energy, consumption and communication
​​​Enabling environment fostered to advance on digital intelligence and community

How we will do it

  • Energy data on line monitored
  • Environmental data monitored through database
  • Social digital platform established
  • Analytical platform to facilitate factory and corporate management, web & mobile applications
  • Develop tools and capacity to gain insights from Big Data management
  • Virtual/Robotics/Machines management