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Corporate Social Responsability Approach

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Şişecam working in 14 Countries engages with large number of stakeholders, hence the Group through its operations touches local communities in many aspects of sustainability. As per our sustainability approach and commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals, our Corporate Social Responsible Program is a voluntary commitment to increase our stakeholders inclusiveness, minimize diversity and ensure active participation in sustainable social, economic and environmental solutions and preserve natural resources and cultural heritages through a multi – sectoral approach. The prioritized target groups are youth, women, and vulnerable groups.

To this end, the Corporate Social Responsilibity (CSR) program through direct engagement and/or through granting mechanisms will focus on following programs:

Corporate Social Responsilibity (CSR)

​​​Active solution partner to empower local communities and vulnerable groups for sustainable livelihood

How we will do it

  • Glass for Health as a mirror of glass through active participation of people and local communities in sanitation and health programs.
  • Enhance the wellbeing of people and local communities through sport.
  • Training on equal opportunities.
  • Sustainable Life Coach Training Program.
  • Glass as a way of art in lifestyle, sustainable habitat and future generations’ trends.
​​​Global efforts made for natural resources conservation and to combat climate change

How we will do it

  • Biodiversity conservation for a value added future life.
  • Restoration of land and water resources for sustainable livelihood.
  • Climate resilient local communities through innovative and traditional practices.
  • Deployment of youth, elderly and vulnerable groups as sustainable advocates.
  • Corporate Volunteer Program.
  • Conscious sustainable consumer training and advocacy program.
  • Stakeholders as active player for energy efficient solutions.
  • Sisecam and local community leaders in protecting natural resources.
  • Local communities and partners enabled to compute their water, carbon, energy etc. footprint.
​​​Heritage Stewardship Program for External Partners

How we will do it

  • Sisecam as the leader and advocate of “glass production from past to future” through i.e., exhibitions, seminars, sponsorships, and publications.
  • Sisecam’s Founder, Business Model and Employees’ values and traditions conserved for 1935 ∞ advocacy program for external communities.
  • International Annual Glass Symposium.