Çerez Politikası

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Şişecam's Sustainability

​​​​​​​Our “Care for Next” sustainability approach anchored in our historical heritage and ability to excel beyond business-as-usual while becoming an international enabler to deliver long – term value for future generations to come.​

In line with its long-term growth targets, Şişecam Groupcontinuously sustained its investments in 2017 as before. In the upcoming period, in addition to our investments aiming at modernization compliant with Industry 4.0 and capacity growth, we will also consider inorganic growth opportunities and maintain our value creating sustainable growth journey with new initiatives.

With an aim to manage economical, social and environmental sustainability by creating long-term value for future generations during this journey, we updated our Sustainability Strategy. In line with our vision "to become a global company delivering creative solutions and making difference with its technology and brands" our Group supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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Şişecam Group recognizes that to ensure future generation’s sustainability, actions at local, corporate and global level are a must while Empowering, Progressing and Preserving future generations’ welfare. Şişecam Group Empowers its stakeholders and employees by advocating and engaging in practices that encourage diversity and inclusiveness; Progress through climate neutral - 360° circular model; and Preserves​ the natural resources that relies on & its institutional heritage for a resilient and sustainable generations to come.