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The EMPOWER approach entails incorporating diversity and inclusiveness into daily practices at both corporate and operational levels; expanding the use of digital intelligence; and promoting the advancement of society.

At Şişecam, our main goals include the creation of a business environment which grant all rights in accordance with national and international standards without any discrimination in the geographies where we operate. Equal opportunities are offered to our employees at all levels, regardless of language, religion, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, social or personal status, health status, marital status, personal belief, disability, age, or other characteristics protected by local legislation in order to create a fair and reliable working environment where policies that respect human rights are supported. We respect the fundamental human rights of all employees. We work in compliance with the ILO's principles of non-discrimination, child labor, forced labor, collective bargaining and freedom of association, and we do not allow contrary practices in our company and business partners.

At Şişecam, our main goals include:

  • to create an indiscriminate work environment which grant all rights in accordance with national and international standards,
  • to build competitive and efficiency-oriented industrial relations in accordance with current working conditions,
  • to develop a health and safety culture aligned with Şişecam corporate culture,
  • to provide our employees with fair and pleasant working conditions.
2017-2022 Targets
2019 Current Status
Zero Occupational accidents (LTIFR-loss-time injury frequency rate)
Promoting Şişecam’s Diversity and Inclusion Principles
Principles Document
Disseminating a culture of inclusion across Şişecam and all stakeholders, measuring the same against performance indicators
% of female employees
Supporting national, international policies and regulations on equal opportunities