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Exploatare miniera

Şişecam Group has started mining activities in 1988 for supplying raw materials required for different activity fields within the body of the Group. The Group is producing industrial raw materials necessary for glass and ceramic sector since 1988. Şişecam Maden activities carried out within the structure of Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. are expanded in accordance with sustainable growth targets and production capacity has achieved to 4.5 million ton level by the investments made.

With the competence it has developed on exploration, technological research, facility design and establishment along with its customer oriented production and product quality, Şişecam Maden is performing activities in approximately 70 mine sites in various regions in Turkey and at 18 raw material preparation and enrichment facilities. Şişecam Maden also organizes logistics services to meet the demands of its customers in time.

Şişecam Maden, offering consultancy and project services on raw material supply also in countries within the activity field of Şişecam Group, is carrying out production activities also in Egypt since 1999.

In 2010, entire shares of R.K. Vijenac d.o.o. Limestone Plant in Tuzla Canton of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina are purchased by the joint venture of Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. and Fabrika Cementa Lukavac, affiliate of Austrian Asamer Group and Şişecam Maden has started raw material production for cement and soda sectors in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Şişecam Maden, a leading institution of mineral sector in Turkey, is also expanding its non-Group mineral activities and continuing to grow both in Turkey and out of Turkey with its increasing capacity and strategy of creating value added products and customer oriented value.

Camiş Madencilik A.Ş.

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