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2023 In Numbers

operational results
on four continents

Ahmet Kırman

Chairman's Message

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kırman

Ahmet Kırman
Görkem Elverici

CEO's Message

Görkem Elverici

Görkem Elverici

Architectural Glass

10 production facilities in 6 countries

Şişecam holds a pioneering position in Türkiye and globally with its advanced technology and innovative approaches.


approach to
customer satisfaction

In the industrial glass sector, Şişecam fulfills all industry requirements and expectations with its safe, high-quality products, supported by an open and innovative R&D ecosystem.


Market-driven product portfolio management

As a result of new product studies carried out by its glassware design team jointly with stakeholders, Şişecam received four awards in 2023.

Glass Packaging

Leading position in its markets of operation

Şişecam ranks among the top five producers in Europe and globally.


One of the world’s two largest soda producers

Şişecam is one of the world’s two largest soda producers, with an annual soda production capacity of 5 million tons.


Electricity generation from renewable sources

Şişecam supplied a large proportion of its electrical energy needs in Türkiye by its own production.


Seamless quality supply chain management

Şişecam concluded fiscal year 2023 with a total production of
3.7 million tons of glass sand, limestone, dolomite, feldspar, micronized products and kaolin.

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CEO's Message


Görkem Elverici answers the curious questions.

Şişecam's extensive operating network spanning 14 countries on four continents, coupled with scenario- based strategies and a strong infrastructure based on digitalization enabled us to quickly adapt to these sudden changes.
To date, our 800 operational efficiency initiatives have yielded a USD 50 million cost reduction.
The glass packaging facility that we are about to commission in Eskişehir is the biggest facility of its kind in the world with five furnaces and 24 lines at a single site.
We obtained an infrastructure ready for future technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital twins.
We develop collaboration initiatives with leading Turkish and global institutions. We also introduce innovations in high technology areas, such as Green Transformation in Industry and Smart Production with Artificial Intelligence.
Chairman's Message

Chairman and Executive Member
of the Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kırman answers the curious questions.

2023 was a challenging year for Türkiye and the entire world. I am proud to state that Şişecam successfully overcame all these challenges and is effectively managing these various risks.
Our ability to effectively manage production operations in 14 countries, adapting to each region's specific requirements, is also confirmed by international credit rating agencies.
Since its establishment, Şişecam has placed global excellence at the core of its management approach. We always operate by focusing on growth which in the end creates value for our entire ecosystem.
This award is beyond, far beyond a mere award presented to me... This award is a significant indicator of Şişecam's performance and position in the world.
We transform this data into value with the help of our Smart Şişecam, Productive Şişecam and Digital Şişecam strategies.
Şişecam's story is a reflection of sustainability…
In 2023, we allocated 63 percent of our R&D spending to sustainability initiatives.