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​​​​​​​​​Founded in 1935 by İşbank at the directive of Atatürk, Şişecam is one of the most established industrial organizations in Turkey more than​ 80 years of corporate history and it is among the world’s most prestigious manufacturers due to its high degree of specialization and the outstanding competitive edge of its operations.   ​ ​  ​​

​​Şişecam Group was founded to meet Turkey’s need for basic glass products; today, besides being one of the most powerful industrial companies of the country, it is a truly global player with its exports to 150 countries and operations in 14.​

​​Şişecam Group operates in flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, and chemicals businesses at a total of 43 production facilities -16 local and 27 abroad- with 22,000 employees, and international sales constitute 60% of the Group’s total sales. Şişecam is Turkey’s leader in all types of glass as well as chemicals including soda-chromium compounds, and is one of the leading companies in the world with its operations that highly specialized and competitive.​

Şişecam Group entered world markets for the first time in the 1960s with the motto “the world is our market,” expanding rapidly in the 1970s by increasing the variety of its operations; in the 2000s, the company headed towards new markets and began bringing its products to all the corners of the world from Latin America to Oceania and from North Europe to South Africa.

The Group has consistently increased its international market recognition and market share, and has invested in a large number of plants abroad in order to attain on the production side the market diversity it has reached on the sales side. Şişecam continues to prioritize expanding its production base by taking advantage of investment opportunities in Asia, America, Africa, and East Europe.

Since the date it was founded by Isbank Turkey in 1935 following the instructions of Atatürk, Şişecam has followed the strategy of creating value in the industry in which it operates, using the most advanced technologies and innovations, continually improving its products and production processes with its R&D investments, and shapes its industry with its value-added products.

Combining extensive experience with an ambitious vision, Şişecam has adopted sustainable growth strategies as a Group, and its main aims are to add value to all its stakeholders, shape the future with its products and services that make life easier, and share the wealth it creates. The brand recognition and market share of Şişecam Group has been consistently increasing in the global market, and its target for 2020 is to be among the top three companies of the world operating in its industry.