Çerez Politikası

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Innovation, Knowledge and Quality Management

​​Innovation Management

With the aim of increasing the profitability and turnover of Şişecam, “Innovation Management” contributes to continuous expansion of new product portfolio, new, efficient and feasible technology development and the identification of new business areas.


  • Conducts the proposal preparation and evaluation stages of new R&D projects
  • Monitors and announces the new nationally/ internationally granted program calls and supports the project proposal submissions and periodical report preparations
  • Manages all the patent related issues
  • Follows the projects carried out with University and industry collaboration
  • Coordinates idea generation activities for new and innovative research topics

Quality Management

Testing and calibration laboratories of Research and Technological Development Presidency are accreditated acoording to TSE EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard since 2006.

Şişecam Science and Technology Center is considered as “R&D Center”, according to “Supporting Research and Development Activities, Law No. 5746” by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, since 2009.​

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Document Management

Library of Science and Technology Center with its richest collection of all the all the national and international literature published about glass science and technology (periodicals, books, reports, patents, standards, etc.) serves Şişecam Group.

All the reports, technical documents about projects produced by RTD experts and all the papers presented at national and international conferences are secured and archived under company’s database.

Document management also includes:

  • Publication and distribution of Technical Bulletin, the first and only publication in Turkey released by Şişecam since 1972
  • Organization of Şişecam Glass Symposiums and preparation of the proceedings
  • Preservation of Şişecam Collection of Antique Glass Art Objects and Paintings of Turkish artists.