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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Şişecam Group prioritizes its social responsibility projects in the areas of environment, sports, culture, art and education in order to contribute and add value to the community as a requisite of being a corporate citizen of the countries where the Group acts.

Contribution to Cultural Assets

KSS-Tarih-Cam-Koleksiyonu.jpgAntique Glass Works Collection

Şişecam’s collection of 520 antique glass pieces, collected as a culmination of a lengthy and diligent effort to preserve cultural values, is registered with the Istanbul Archaeological Museums. The collection is on display in a special hall at the Şişecam head office building. Furthermore, the Glass Hall of the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology was opened in 1985 to visitors and history-enthusiasts under Şişecam's sponsorship and patronage.

History-Culture-Glass Collections

As part of the Şişecam Group’s mission to preserve and pass on our cultural heritage to future generations, the first of the History-Culture-Glass collections reflecting the historical and cultural background of Anatolia through glass artworks took its place in Paşabahçe Stores in 1999. Approximately 500 different artefacts among limited collections were brought. A total of 12 collections, including Ottoman, Blue and White on Glass, Artistic Writing on Glass, Enameled Glass, Mosaics, Anatolian Civilizations, Mystery of 7, Ashura, Crystalline Chinas, Talking Coins, and Zevk-i Selim have been realized so far.

Serçe Harbor Glass Shipwreck Documentary

Within the framework of Şişecam Group’s vision of sustainable growth and the importance it attaches to environmental values, the “Glass and Glass Again” documentary provides an account of the discovery of the Serçe Harbor Glass Wreck that presents critical findings regarding underwater archaeology, glass manufacturing and recycling.

The Serçe Harbor Shipwreck was excavated by a team of Turks and Americans led by Professor Dr. George Bass, known as the father of underwater archaeology, at the Serçe Harbor near Marmaris 35 years ago; the findings included two tons of broken glass nuggets and about one ton of broken glass, as well as glass items.

Known around the world as Glass Wreck, the ship is regarded as one of the world’s most important wrecks both due to its load and the substantial part of its body that has survived until today.

The sunken ship and its contents have been on display at the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, under the care of Şişecam since 1985. The documentary, “Glass and Glass Again”, is intended to tell the story of the Glass Wreck and the unlimited recyclability of glass to broader audiences.


Contribution to Education and Training​

Şişecam offers Education Incentive Scholarships to its employees and their children who are studying. In 2014, a total of TL3,286,422 was given in scholarships.

At the 60th Year Primary School, which has five classrooms and is located within the Şişecam Thrace Region Glass Industry Housing Area, 73 students received support from the Thrace Plant for transportation and lunch during the 2013-2014 school year.

In accordance with Vocational Education Law no. 3308, the Denizli Glass Plant has been offering a three-year apprentice program since 1990. Currently, 142 students aged between 16 and 21 are enrolled on the program, in which foremen, masters, and master instructors give them theoretical and practical information in the master-apprentice tradition.

Şişecam also supports the “Vocational Education Improvement Project” by the Governorship of Mersin, and has constructed the building for the Industrial Vocational High School with 24 classrooms and one workshop at the Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Site (MTSB) in order to contribute to a greater number of young people acquire a profession. The school building has been donated to the Ministry of National Education and is in use since September 2014.

Contribution to Environmental Values

The "Glass and Glass Again" Project ​

Launched in 2011 by Şişecam Glass Packaging in cooperation with the ÇEVKO Foundation and local administrations, the project "Glass and Glass Again" is one of the most comprehensive sustainability and social responsibility initiatives in Turkey. Aiming to create change in social behavior and support the transition to a recycling society, the project has three primary objectives:

  • Creating awareness and informing society about recycling glass packaging,
  • Improving the infrastructure for collecting glass packaging waste,
  • Streamlining the facilities where glass packaging waste is collected and processed, and separating glass packaging waste found in household waste prior to storage.

As part of the project, over 203,000 primary school students have received training in recycling since 2011; approximately 12,900 glass banks have been donated and 578,400 tons of glass packaging waste have been recycled. The resulting reduction in carbon emissions equals 208,000 cars taken off the roads, and the amount of energy saved was enough to meet the heating and hot water needs of 24,000 households. In addition, Şişecam collaborated with 134 district municipalities in 21 provinces in order to create social awareness, improve the infrastructure for collection, and streamline facilities for glass recycling.

Bottle banks are being built for use in restaurants and hotels, which heavily consume glass, that are located within the borders of the municipalities with which there are agreements; the bottle banks are supplied to the consumption points that require them. Within the year, performance of various events to distribute gifts at shopping centers, streets and avenues in various provinces, with the aim of increasing recycling awareness.

Another study area of the "Glass and Glass Again" project consists of the HORECA venture, which targets Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes. In addition to the HORECA venture, a study focused on large residential sites was also launched and a system was created for separate collection of domestic glass waste.

In order to encourage enterprises that produce high levels of glass packaging waste and whose recycling potential is considerable, Şişecam started a "Glass Friendly Enterprise" application in cooperation with the municipality and the collection company. Through this application, the enterprises which were identified as having successfully completed separate collection of glass packagings are given the title of a "Glass Friendly Enterprise" by Şişecam.


Project for the Protection of the Kazanlı Sea Turtle Population​

Kazanlı beach near the Mersin province is one of the few spawning areas of the endangered turtle species in Turkey. Launched in 2007 by Soda Sanayii A.Ş., the Kazanlı Project has proven instrumental in the preservation of the endangered "Caretta Caretta" and "Chelonia Mydas" sea turtle species and their nesting areas. Moreover, the aim is to raise awareness on this issue among the local population, and for the socio-cultural and socioeconomic life in the region to benefit through eco-tourism that may be generated by the presence of the endangered sea turtles in the region.

The greatest contribution to the "Kazanlı Sea Turtles Project" has come from young volunteers and students of the Biology Department of Mersin University. Besides these young volunteers who have taken part in the development of the project, meetings are organized to encourage active participation of new volunteers in the initiative. The stable increase in the total number of sea turtle nests continued, increasing consistently in 2015.

During the Kazanlı Beach Spring Cleaning event, held with the participation of Soda Sanayii A.Ş. employees and in collaboration with Mersin University on 9 May 2015, the living spaces of turtles were cleaned by 350 volunteers.



Areas between five to ten acres within the sites of Şişecam Group plants are allocated to forestation; Şişecam Memorial Forests are also brought to life in all regions where Şişecam have operations. Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. boasts a Şişecam Memorial Forest that has reached 368 acres in a culmination of forestation efforts initiated in 2000 in the Yalıköy area, where its pit and facilities are located.

Tree planting activities initiated in 2006 by Soda Sanayii A.Ş. in the Mersin region are organized annually for the purpose of determining forest sites and planting trees in those sites. As a result of these efforts, the families of current and retired employees planted nearly 3,000 saplings in 2015.

Thanks to these sapling planting activities launched in the Cankurtaran region, Denizli Cam Sanayii ve Ticaret A.Ş. created a mini forest with grown trees on an area of three acres. In addition, approximately 6,500 trees and saplings have been planted on the plant site, 50 percent of which is covered in greens.


Contribution to Sports

Şişecam Çayırova Sports Club​

The Çayırova Sports Club, which was founded by Şişecam under the name of Çayırova Sailing Sports Club, which started operations at the Çayırova Sports Facilities in 1982 with the objective of attracting young people to sport and contributing to the physical and moral development of youth through sports, obtained federated club status from the General Directorate of Youth and Sport in 1984.

With a team of approximately 100 athletes and managers, the Club rears young athletes in the disciplines of sailing, rowing and canoeing; the club provided 5 athletes and 1 trainer to the National Rowing Team in 2015.

The club achieved successful results in international competitions in 2015, and the club's athletes won the bronze medal for the first time in Turkey's history at the World Youth Rowing Championship, held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The rowing team also won 4 gold medals, 1 silver, and 3 bronze medals during the Youth Balkan Championship in Romania, as well as 3 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals in the Turkish Championship.

The Sailing Branch also obtained successful results in 2015. The club's sports players, who participated in a total of 22 races including 11 regional and 11 national under the program of the Turkish Sail Federation in 2015, won medals in most of the regional competitions; with the results they obtained in the Turkish Pirate League, they were qualified to compete in the European Youth Championship to be held in Hungary in 2016.

The Şişecam Çayırova Sports Club Cano Branch had a successful season with the degrees it has obtained in national and international competitions in 2015. In the International Long Distance Offshore Flat Water Canoe Races, the team won the boys youth and girls youth runner-up cup; during the Still Water Canoe Turkey Race that took place in August, the teams won 3 first, 8 second and 4 third prizes in 200, 500 and 1000 meters as a result, becoming the third in the general classification for boys and girls. In October, the club's athletes won the first medal in all categories of the Sea Canoe Turkish Championship, and ranked first in the general classification.