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Material Science and Characterization

​​​Chemical and Physical Analysis


According to the requests from glass and chemical production units of our company, glass and chemical products, raw materials, metal and industrial waste samples are analysed with various techniques. Properties like glass durability and heavy metal migrations are measured. Studies for certification of glass products according to various standards are also conducted. All the analyses are performed based on internationally recognized methods and techniques using advanced instruments to obtain fast and reliable results.

Study Areas :

  • Quantitative and semi quantitative analysis of various glass compositions
  • Raw material analysis & Particle size distrubution
  • Refractory analysis
  • Trace element analysis
  • Chemical durability analysis
  • Certification of glass and glass raw materials for the organizations such as BAM, BCR and BAS.
  • Heavy metal in glass*
  • Analysis for determining the suitability of the products to food contact*
  • Analysis for certification of the pharmaceutical bottles*
  • Analysis for industrial waste water and flue gas emission solutions*

(*) analyses within the scope of accreditation


Material Science and Characterization


Quantitative and qualitative analysis and characterization of glass and materials utilized in glass production like raw materials, refractories, metals and studies for determination of glass defects, their sources and elimination are conducted with sensitive equipment at the laboratories of Science and Technology Center.

Mineralogical studies of glass raw materials

Examination of mineral composition and crystal structure properties. Observation of grain size, impurity and critical minerals affecting the glass quality.

Glass defects and troubleshooting

Characterization and elimination of the defects resulting from :

  • Raw material
  • Refractor
  • Shaping

Refractory tests and surveys

  • Testing and comparing the alternative refractory samples both in laboratory and production conditions
  • Experimental simulation studies for the comparison of the performances

Post-mortem studies at the end of campaign

Gathering the data by examining both the structure changes of refractories after the furnace campaign and the problems observed during the production to be utilized in the design of the advanced furnaces.

Glass-metal interaction

Characterization and development of appropriate equipment in the glass forming process , examination and development of molding equipment