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Glass Technology

​​Melting Properties

Experimental investigations for better understanding high temperature phenomena including batch melting, fining/refining, energy consumption; changes on physical and chemical properties based on the components of glass compositions; parameters influencing quality and cost, as well as developments of new techniques for such phenomena are the main missions of this laboratory.

Examination of Raw Materials

  • Evaluation of alternative raw materials for both the new furnace investments and the current furnaces,
  • Determination of raw material specifications

Design of New Glass Compositions

  • Design of glass compositions in order to obtain target physical properties
  • Preparation of transition program for composition change and its application to the furnace on request

Experimental Simulations

  • High temperature melting tests in order to observe melting and fining characteristics of new raw materials and glass compositions
  • Experimental investigations on batch melting foaming and fining processes and evolved gas analysis using a state of the art set-up (High Temperature Melting Observation System)

Color and Optical Properties

Depending on the market demands, new glass compositions having target optical and color properties are desinged by experimental and instrumental methods. Besides projects on developing new products, studies on problem solving related with color and optical properties are also carried out.


  • New color design (coloring from batch and forehearth),​
  • Decolorisation studies for flint glass productions,
  • Solving color problems of production,

Color Change Works

  • Preparation of workflow plan for color change operations with the use of in-house color model,
  • Assisting the site operations starting from color change period to the target color.

Measurements and Calculations of Optical Properties

  • Determination of optical performances*, color specifications and commercial catalog values,
  • Measurements, calculations and certifications according to national and international standards,
  • Development of new measurement methods if needed.

(*) Analyses within the framework of accreditation.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

The studies on the measurement and optimization of physical and mechanical properties of glasses in order to obtain continuous high quality in the product and high productivity in the manufacturing process, are carried out. Besides, the parameters of conditioning in the forehearth, forming and annealing, tempering and decorating processes are measured and developed as well.

Study Areas :

  • Physical property measurements
  • Mechanical property measurements impact resistance,
  • Stress analysis
  • Fracture analysis,
  • Micro homogeneity measurements,
  • Measuring and adjusting the suitable temperature profiles of annealing, tempering and decoration processes

Bubble Analysis


Studies on bubble defect (gaseous inclusions) are carried out in order to remove the defect completely or reduce to an acceptable level, as soon as possible, for minimizing the production loss.

Examination of Bubble Defect

  • Preliminary microscopic examination on product (bubble count, size, deposits, etc.),
  • Identification of bubble source based on bubble gas composition and total internal pressure (by Mass Spectrometer),
  • Data processing for furnace operation parameters,

Experimental and Numerical Simulations

  • Experimental investigations of possible bubble sources by laboratory simulations,
  • Numerical studies on bubble dynamics (buoyancy velocity, bubble growth/shrinkage rate, etc).