Çerez Politikası

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Human Resources Policy


  • Şişecam Group strives to implement a human resources policy that fosters sustainable global success, nurtures an innovative corporate culture that encourages collaborative learning, implements the best human resources policies in all areas of operation and adds value to all stakeholders.
  • Şişecam Group shapes its human resources approach in accordance with laws, corporate values and ethical principles, and embraces diversity and equal opportunities. With aspirations of becoming an employer of choice, the Group adopts an impartial, systematic and development-oriented approach in all human resources processes, including recruitment, career management, professional development and training, and performance management. It recognizes and rewards consistent and high performance and implements competitive compensation and benefits strategies that are compatible with market conditions.,
  • Şişecam Group respects the historical and cultural values of the communities in which it operates. It endeavors to pass on to future generations the diversity and cultural heritage of its global workforce and stakeholders by empowering them
  • It respects its employees' work-life balance and implements human resources programs accordingly. It offers communication platforms that consider employees' suggestions and expectations, and monitors employee engagement and satisfaction through impartial and independent studies. The Group continuously improves upon the methods that advance engagement and foster a positive workplace, and it provides a healthy and safe work environment where corporate values are nurtured
  • ​It aims to maximize the potential of its global human resources, ensure sustainable high performance and make the value it creates for its stakeholders stronger in the future. Şişecam Group shapes and strengthens its future with an understanding based on being human-oriented, and on continuous development and innovation by combining its long history with an outlook toward the future.