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Şişecam Group and Corporate Innovation

Today, new glass-based products and applications are used in architecture, construction, automotive, transportation, informatics, data storage, electronics industries, and in imaging technologies and optics, energy generation, distribution and storage, passive and active coatings, smart/hygienic glass packaging, interactive glass household appliances, medicine, biology, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and anti-radiation products, and anywhere else our imagination takes us. The global competition for adding value to the comforts and aesthetics in life through innovation, is guiding remarkable research and technological development efforts in the science and technology of glass.​

The first priority of Şişecam is ensuring “sustainable future” which is imprinted on each link of its value chain from the first blend to the end user on a very wide spectrum ranging from flat glass, glassware, and glass packaging to chemicals needed by the industry and mining operations. Thus, it has dedicated its Research and Technological Development (R&TD) efforts and production operations to have highly innovative, environment-friendly, competitive products and production technologies, which are free of harmful compounds threatening our future.

Şişecam, growing and gaining strength qualitatively and quantitatively in a wide geographical area, is extending its innovation ecosystem on a corporate scale thanks to its technical and administrative human resources, production and R&TD infrastructure, common understanding, common methodologies, common memory, knowledge, know-how, and competencies.​

Furthermore, Şişecam is strengthening its open innovation and pre-competition cooperation approach on a corporate scale, through joint studies and projects it is conducting with a growing number of universities and research centers. The organizations it is in collaboration with reached 21 domestic universities and public and private research institutes and 9 foreign universities and 6 research centers as of the end of 2015.​

Şişecam is conducting its corporate R&TD efforts together with regional laboratories and production groups located near the Şişecam Science and Technology Center. The Center, operating in 9400 square meters closed area with 27 specialization laboratories has international LEED GOLD Certificate and a state-of-the-art infrastructure, allowing performance of various activities ranging from fundamental research to pilot production on lab scale. The Şişecam Science and Technology Center is benefiting from “R&D Center” incentives under Law No. 5746, and it is the largest and most competent glass science and technology laboratory in Turkey, and it is among the leader laboratories in its field in Europe.​

Prominent RTD studies are related to integrated furnace models to ensure efficiency of energy, which is one of the largest inputs in production; improvement of heat transfer efficiency; new refractory materials and new glass melting technologies; new glass production technologies; paradigm shifting new raw materials, new products and new applications; advanced operation control systems; measurements techniques based on advanced technologies, and new high temperature materials, as well as modeling and simulation works in these areas.​

The Center employs 152 competent researchers in its 27 specialization laboratories. 35% of the researches have graduate degrees, and the equipment in these laboratories are continuously modernized and reinforced. In 2015, our Science and Technology Center was awarded “the Best R&D Center” by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in “Glass and Glass Products” and “Cooperation and Interaction” categories.​


Innovation That Provides Competitive Power;

  • Powerful and coordinated R&TD and PD activities
  • A Total Innovation Eco-System Including the Whole Corporation
  • Culture of Reaching the Corporate's Common Goals with Common Strategies and Policies
  • Common Effort of All In-House Partners with a Strong Communication
  • Pre-Competition Joint Effort with Domestic and International Competitors / Partners