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Şişecam has started mining activities in 1988 for supplying raw materials required for different activity fields of its own. Şişecam has been producing industrial raw materials necessary for glass and ceramic sector since 1988. Şişecam’s mining activities that are being carried out by Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. are expanded through investments and in line with the sustainable growth targets and and have reached aproduction capacity of 4.5 million ton/year.

With the competence it has developed on exploration, technological research, facility design and establishment along with its customer oriented production and product quality, Şişecam is carrying out mining activities in approximately 70 mine sites in various regions in Turkey and at 18 raw material preparation and enrichment facilities. Offering consultancy and project services on raw material supply also in countries within the activity field of Şişecam is carrying out production activities also in Egypt since 1999. In 2010, entire shares of R.K. Vijenac d.o.o. Limestone Plant in Tuzla Canton of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina are purchased by the joint venture of Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. and Fabrika Cementa Lukavac, affiliate of Austrian Asamer Group and Şişecam has started raw material production for cement and soda sectors in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Şişecam a leading institution of mineral sector in Turkey, is also expanding its non-Group mineral activities and continuing to grow both in Turkey and out of Turkey with its increasing capacity and strategy of creating value added products and customer oriented value.

Camiş Madencilik A.Ş.

İçmeler Mahallesi, D-100 Karayolu Caddesi, No: 44A 34947
Tuzla, İstan​​​bul, Turkey​​​

Phone   : +90 0850 206 31 45
Fax        : +90 0850 206 47 33
E-mail: miningsales@sisecam.com
E-mail: mininginfo@sisecam.com


Silica sand or quartz sand: Quartz particles (SiO2) with a size between 2.00 and 1.05 mm, formed as a result of disintegration of magmatic metamorphic rocks rich in quartz. Quartz sand is white, while sands containing iron oxides have colors that range from pink to red or brown. Quartz sand is made of silica and may contain low levels of clay, feldspar, iron oxides and carbonates.



Feldspar: Feldspars are the most common mineral group found on the earth’s crust, constituting approximately 50 percent of it; nearly 90 percent of magmatic and metamorphic rocks and 10 percent of sedimentary rocks are feldspars. This group is divided into alkali feldspars and plagioclases according to isomorphic mix and formational characteristics.



Limestone: Rocks containing at least 90 percent of CaCO3 in their composition are called limestones, as well as those with at least 90 percent of calcite minerals.



Dolomite: Dolomite is formed when CaO in limestone is replaced partially or completely by MgO. For this reason, it is structurally related to limestone and has vertical and horizontal transitions to it. The chemical structure of dolomite is CaMg(CO3)2, which makes it a double-carbon compound; it is a mineral with a structure that differs from calcite, as first determined by the French geologist Dolomiev Syluoin.



Kaolin: The most important constituent mineral in kaolin is kaolinite, which is a clay mineral with aluminum hydrosilicate in its structure. In clay classifications according to crystal structure, the kaolinite group differs from the rest with its unidirectional and single-size structure. Kaolins are formed when granitite or volcanic rocks containing feldspars are altered into kaolinite minerals.



Quartzite; formed by a very solid bonding of quartz sand grains with a silica bond. The chemical composition of the rock is SiO₂ and it’s physical resistance is very high. In addition to Quartz they may contain low level of clay, feldspar, iron oxides and carbonates.


Contact Information

Camiş Egypt Mining Ltd. Co.

Corner Road 254-206, DiglaMaadi Kahire/Mısır
(00202) 519 82 37

Rudnik Krecnjaka Vijenac D.O.O. (Bosna-Hersek)

Prva ulica 1 75300 Lukavac/Bosna Hersek
(00387) 35 550 380
(00387) 35 550 381​​​​​​​

Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. Yalikoy Sand Processing Facilities
Yalikoy Quartz Sand Processing Plant

Yalıköy Merkez Mah. Canan Sok. No:5/1 Çatalca/İstanbul
(0850) 206 05 90

Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. Trakya Mining Operations
Trakya Limestone and Dolomite Grinding Plant

Trakya Cam San. A.Ş. Maden Müdürlüğü D-100 Karayolu Yeni Mahallesi 39760 Büyükkarıştıran Mevkii Lüleburgaz / Kırklareli​
(0288) 400 78 21

Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. Bilecik Mining Operations
Bilecik Raw Material Processing Facilities

Hürriyet Mah. No:104 11030 II. Organize San. Bölgesi Bilecik​​
(0850) 206 56 58

Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. Balıkesir Kaolin Operations
Balıkesir Duvertepe Kaolin Crushing and Screening Plant

Köy Sokağı No:270 Deprem mah. Aktaş Köyü Düvertepe Sındırgı Balıkesir​​
(0850) 206 05 88

Aydın Çine Feldspar Processing and Magnetic Separation Plant

Köy Sokağı No:23 Karıngeçdere Mah. Akçaova Çine/Aydın
(0256) 736 10 01

Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. Karabuk Mining Operations
Karabük Quartz Sand Processing Plant

​Hereşabanlar Mahallesi No:23 Eflani/Karabük
(0850) 206 05 68

Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. Mersin Mining Operations
Mersin Quartz Sand Processing Plant

​Atatürk Bulvarı No:1 Mersin-Tarsus Organize San. Bölgesi Nacarlı Köyü Mersin
(0850) 206 62 61

Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. Mersin Mining Operations
Mersin Limestone and Dolomite Grinding Plant

​Mersin-Tarsus OSB 8.Cad. No:3 Akdeniz / Mersin
(0324) 676 42 69