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Coronavirus - Covid19

​​​​​​​​Information on Covid-19 Pandemic Measures​

Dear Stakeholders,​

As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are increasing across the globe, we continue to closely monitor the developments at national and global scale, and to implement the highest level of measures, while adjusting our processes and business plans according to developments in the countries where we operate. Aware of our responsibility as a Group operating in 14 countries and four continents, we are committed to fulfill our duties to protect the health of our employees, business partners and customers, and to continue our production and services that are essential for the society in these challenging circumstances.

As a result of the actions and plans we have put in place since the outbreak, we have adopted highest level of protective measures and practices for occupational health and safety across our global organization, and also taken various measures to maintain business continuity. At Şişecam Group, our number one priority is to ensure the health and safety of our employees and their families, and thus all measures are taken accordingly.


Kovid 19 Bilgilendirme​​

Since the very early stages of the pandemic, we have meticulously observed the instructions of public authorities and all official bodies in the countries where we operate, while strictly adopting all necessary and required measures. We swiftly implement the decisions taken by the "Emergency Coordination Committee" which consist of members of the Executive Board, chaired by the Şişecam Group CEO, in line with the current developments and we have taken actions within the framework of our "Pandemic Action Plan".

Kovid 19 Bilgilendirme​​

We communicate with our employees, unions and all our stakeholders in all countries in a transparent manner and share our action plans regularly. We have used various communication channels including e-learnings, digital TVs, and announcements to inform our employees about the current developments, hygiene measures and practices along with Covid-19 symptoms, personal protective measures etc., and we continue to share updates. .

We have rapidly taken significant actions to safeguard the health of our employees who are in charge across our production facilities and Head Office, and to ensure business continuity. Moreover, we have adopted a number of measures to reduce the number of employees and to ensure social distancing. We have further increased our hygiene measures, distributed personal protective equipment, started to check temperature for all entries to our plants and have taken rapid protective actions against the Covid-19. We have increased frequency of periodical disinfection of all areas that our employees use extensively. We have made re-adjustments across common use areas, such as cafeterias and shuttles for all our workplaces, in order to establish an environment that guarantees social distancing. We have ensured that our corporate shuttles are disinfected periodically for each shift. We have managed to optimize the number of employees at the production facilities while ensuring the production continuity, which is required due to the essential sectors we are affiliated with and without compromising the health of our employees.

We do not limit our fight against Covid-19 only to the actions taken throughout our Group, we take responsibility to support efforts to protect the public health. With this understanding, we have contributed and participated as a part of Turkey’s İşbank Group for the donation of TRL 10 million to provide medical and protective supplies to support the capacity of state hospitals within the body of Ministry of Health, in Turkey. In line with our social responsibility approach, we continue to support our stakeholders in the countries, where we operate for the priority issues and within the capabilities. In Bulgaria, we donated BNG 100,000 to the hospital in Targovishte, the region where we operate, to support the urgent need for the medical equipment. We have donated BAM 100,000 to the Ministry of Health of Tuzla Canton, which is our operation area and we have provided food for the families in need in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In Italy, we have provided personal protective equipment and supplies for our employees despite all the difficulties. ​In Georgia we have provided 1000 packages of food and hygiene equipment for the families in need.

As a global Group with production in 14 countries and sales over 150 countries, we maintain our operations with determination to deliver our services and support expected by our customers in this critical period. We request all our business partners providing services for our facilities to strictly adopt the same degree of measures and practices we have implemented. We also closely monitor our suppliers' social distancing, hygiene and disinfection practices.

We are all going through an extraordinary period where all feedback is critical for adapting the right plans during these challenging circumstances. We take necessary measures to fulfill our commitment to our customers by putting in place continuity plans in terms of supply, production, and logistics.

​We hope that we will safely overcome these challenging times together and in solidarity. We wish you and all your loved ones well-being and health.

​Best Regards,

Şişecam Group